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<em>Hazardous Materials Awareness and Operations</em>
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Skill Drills

Interactive Skill Drills will help you with the most important skills taught in a HazMat course.

Chapter Title
7Mission-Specific Competencies: Personal Protective Equipment
Skill Drill 7-1: Donning a Level A Ensemble
Skill Drill 7-2: Doffing a Level A Ensemble
Skill Drill 7-3: Donning a Level B Nonencapsulated Chemical-Protective Clothing Ensemble
Skill Drill 7-4: Doffing a Level B Nonencapsulated Chemical-Protective Clothing Ensemble
Skill Drill 7-5: Donning a Level C Chemical-Protective Clothing Ensemble
8Mission-Specific Competencies: Technical Decontamination
Skill Drill 8-1: Performing Technical Decontamination on a Responder
9Mission-Specific Competencies: Mass Decontamination
Skill Drill 9-1: Performing Mass Decontamination on Ambulatory Victims
Skill Drill 9-2: Performing Mass Decontamination on Nonambulatory Victims
10Mission-Specific Competencies: Evidence Preservation and Sampling
Skill Drill 10-1: Collecting and Processing Evidence
Skill Drill 10-2: Securing, Characterizing, and Preserving the Scene
11Mission-Specific Competencies: Product Control
Skill Drill 11-1: Using Absorption/Adsorption to Manage a Hazardous Materials Incident
Skill Drill 11-4: Constructing a Dike
12Mission-Specific Competencies: Victim Rescue and Recovery
Skill Drill 12-2: Performing a Two-Person Walking Assist
Skill Drill 12-3: Performing a Two-Person Extremity Carry
Skill Drill 12-4: Performing a Two-Person Seat Carry
Skill Drill 12-5: Performing a Two-Person Chair Carry
Skill Drill 12-6: Performing a Cradle-in-Arms Carry
Skill Drill 12-8: Performing a Blanket Drag
Skill Drill 12-9: Performing a Standing Drag
Skill Drill 12-10: Performing a Webbing Sling Drag
Skill Drill 12-11: Performing a Fire Fighter Drag
Skill Drill 12-12: Performing a One-Person Emergency Drag from a Vehicle
Skill Drill 12-13: Performing a Long Blackboard Rescue
14Mission-Specific Competencies: Air Monitoring and Sampling
Skill Drill 14-3: Using a Multi-gas Meter to Provide Atmospheric Monitoring (after the proper level of PPE is selected)