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Chief Concepts

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Chapter 6 - Lesson Plans

  • To provide quality instruction, use lesson plans with learning objectives.

  • A is a goal that is achieved through the attainment of a skill, knowledge, or both.

  • The main components of a lesson plan are as follows: lesson title or topic, level of instruction, behavioral/performance objectives, instructional materials needed, lesson outline, , lesson summary, and assignment.

  • The four-step method of instruction is the process most commonly used for delivering fire service lesson plans. It includes: , presentation, application, and evaluation.

  • Preparing for instruction is very important. You may need to spend preparing to teach a class, including reviewing the lesson plan, reserving, classrooms and instructional aids, and purchasing materials.

  • A Fire Service Instructor can create a new lesson plan to teach a class and may modify an existing lesson plan.

  • A Fire Service Instructor can use a lesson plan to teach a class and may adapt the lesson plan to the local needs of the class.

  • When a Fire Service Instructor creates a lesson plan, the learning objectives must be identified. They then become the basis for the rest of the lesson plan.

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